Thursday, May 30, 2013

Farewell to Sam!

Sam gives a speech evaluation during
his last meeting at Toasters.
This morning Toasters bid Sam Musoke a fond farewell during his last meeting with the club.  A long time member, Sam came to Lubbock from Africa and now finds himself in the enviable position of moving to Hawaii for work.

Per Toasters tradition, we celebrated his new job and last meeting with a pot luck breakfast.

We'll miss you Sam!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Elections and Musubi

2013-2014 Officers
(R to L) Cindy, Jan, Tracy, Vickie, Gary, and Kim
Toasters club elected its 2013-2014 officers during the business portion of today's meeting.  They will take office July 1st and serve through June 30, 2014.  The officers for the coming year are:

  • President - Tracy Thomason
  • Vice President Education - Vickie Sigler
  • Vice President Membership - Gary Johnson
  • Vice President Public Relations - Kim Davis
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Cindy Ford
  • Sgt. At Arms - Jan d'Orsay

Congratulations to our incoming officers!

Homemade SPAM Musubi
During the meeting, Kyle gave a speech about SPAM Musubi (which is not to be confused with our member, Sam Musoke).  He even brought homemade samples of this Hawaiian treat which is just SPAM, nori (a seaweed wrap), and sushi rice with a soy sauce glaze.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kim Gets Pinned, Too

With our second Ice Breaker in as many weeks, Kim told us about why she loves Lubbock and doesn't want to leave it.  After her speech, Jan, our club president, gave her membership pin.

Congratulations Kim!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nicole Gets Pinned

Our newest member, Nicole, delivered her Ice Breaker this morning and told us about her life's passion: being a fitness instructor.  After the speech, Vickie, our Vice President of Education, gave her a membership pin.

Congratulations Nicole!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Anniversary Party In The Bag

On Saturday evening, eighteen of us gathered for a lovely meal at the Lubbock Women's Club to celebrate Toasters' 25th anniversary. It was great to see two of the founding members of the club, Ruth Ann Bridges and Patty Freier. Patty shared about how Toastmasters met a need for training in public speaking and how to conduct meetings at Methodist Hospital, back before that kind of training was available. Brent Majors from Methodist knew Bob Barnhill and Bob helped get Toasters started 25 years ago. Appropriately, Bob was with us on Saturday night. As Patty said, it is very gratifying for an idea and project you started to still be viable and healthy twenty five years later!

We also got to share some of our Toasters' bloopers--those are always good for a laugh! Another former member who was able to attend was Cindy Meason--it is always great to see Cindy!  Former member, Uwe Beltz and his wife, Katherine, were welcome guests as well.  It's is always great to see our former members because they're family! We were also so pleased to have Robyne Vaughn and her husband, Mark, in attendance. It was a sweet time of fellowship and celebration, and we wish that more could have attended. Kyle and I are already thinking about our 50th anniversary in 2038, so please mark your calendars!