Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pins and Badges and Ramps, Oh My

Lubbock Toasters had a big meeting today with an Ice Breaker speech, a practice speech that will be delivered to a government agency, a Competent Communication badge awarded, and a full house including two visitors.

Dustin & Gary
(click image for full size)
Dustin McEwen, one of our newest members, kicked off the morning by delivering his Ice Breaker presentation, "Establishing Roots," where he discussed his early life that included a lot of moving. After the speech, Dustin's Toastmaster mentor and our club president, Gary Johnson, gave Dustin his membership pin.

Gary then rehearsed a speech that he will be delivering to a local government agency on behalf of his volunteer work through and AMBUCS.

Lisa & Cindy
(click image for full size)
At the end of the meeting, Lisa Thomason was awarded her Competent Communication badge by her Toastmaster mentor, Cindy Ford. Lisa completed her 10th speech in the Competent Communication and the club purchased her first name badge for her.

Welcome to the club, Dustin!

Congratulations, Lisa!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Petroleum Engineer Gets Pinned

Christian Perner receives his membership
pin from club president Gary Johnson.
Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering student Christian Perner joined the Lubbock Toasters Toastmasters club and delivered his Ice Breaker speech today by telling us about his passions, studies, and plans to travel the world with his career.

As is our tradition, Christian received his Toastmasters membership pin after delivering his Ice Breaker.

Welcome to the club, Christian!